Where do I even start?
There’s not enough time in the day!
How am I supposed to juggle all of this?
Are any of these alerts connected?
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It's time to put
AI to work in your SOC

It’s your mission to protect your organization and stay ahead of cyber crime to ensure business thrives. Easier said than done. Especially without AI.

You’re faced with three
major challenges

Pressures plaguing the modern SOC today make it difficult for you to achieve your security operations goals as challenges continue to mount.

You’re low on talent
of organizations have a “problematic shortage” of cyber security skills
Source: ESG Research
You’ve got insights overload
(and growing) known vulnerabilities that analysts need to know about
Source: CVE Database
Dwell times are too long
It takes 191 days, on average, to identify a data breach
Source: IBM & Ponemon Cost of a Data Breach study
Stakes are at an
all-time high

Excuses won’t cut it. The C-Suite, investors, and customers expect you to protect the business from multiplying threats — but also, keep the operation running seamlessly.

It’s the big picture
that counts

Your team may overlook threats – both insider and external – since they may not be able to tell how individual alerts could be connected to each other and be a sign of a larger issue.

Choosing the right AI solution

How can you ensure the AI solution you invest in is an intelligent, cognitive solution that can make your job easier?

Beyond the Hype: AI in your SOC

Ask Yourself These 7 Questions before Adopting a Cybersecurity AI Solution

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